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Silicon Beach was founded in 2008 by the first tech startup founders in Sydney. Silicon Beach quickly became the place to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and get empowered and energised by the can-do attitude imported from the Silicon Valley. Some of the early members and most prominent success stories include Mike Cannon-Brookes and Atlassian.

Having been Australia's first startup community, we are working tirelessly to spread the entrepreneurial spirit into all corners of Australia and connect founders and startup enthusiasts regardless of their location or industry. Creating the nation's one-stop-shop for all startup needs and the No.1 community for founders and entrepreneurs.

At Silicon Beach, we host numerous activities such as virtual pitch nights, business, product and service design events. Come and join our networking events on Clubhouse too.

We create a safe space for founders, entrepreneurs, and businesses to gain global connections, industry access, and support from like-minded members of the community.

We hope to continuously keep expanding, bringing more exciting events, and grow our family of creative and fearless innovators in the future. Join us on this journey to explore your passion and startup dream!

We are so glad you’re here. Whether you're a founder or community member, Silicon Beach exists so our users can come together to help each other; lifting everyone up. It’s run by the community and everyone is welcome.

We are where
you are

Since we launched in Sydney in 2008, we have expanded to many other cities like Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, Adelaide, Launceston, Geelong, Ballarat, and so on. We hope to continue growing and reaching out to all you wonderful people from all backgrounds and areas.


What is the Silicon Beach Community all about?

We are about people

The Silicon Beach Community brings people from all different walks of life together. Not all of our members are founders or entrepreneurs themself, but all of us are deeply passionate about making a difference.

We are holding space for you

Our monthly pitch night is often the very first time that our founders are getting on stage and in front of a crowd ever. Sharing your idea or startup for the very first time can be daunting.
Don't worry; We’ve got your back.

Startup community support

Our huge network is here to help. Is your tech challenging you right now? Are you bothered by a question of intellectual property or what business structure suits you best? Or are you finally ready to pitch to an investor?  We have the people.

Meet your Silicon Beach Team

People that are passionate about startups, but even more so about people and their passions.

David Hauser

As the founder and CEO of Silicon Beach, David empowers thousands of innovative startups to be seen and understood by their target audience.

Karen Finch
Event Host & Entrepreneur

Karen is the founder of Legally Yours, a legal service that provides Australians with greater access to justice.

Shelin David
Board Member & Strategist
UX Designer
Tech Support & Host
Journalist & Writer
Social Marketer & Host

Frequently Asked Questions

This is where all the answers to your questions are.

How to pitch?

Pitching is all about making your audience curious about your idea or startup. It is always a good idea to start with an existing problem and communicate it so that the target audience can relate to it. Next up comes your solution: How are you going to solve this problem. And last but not least, you close out your pitch by asking what you need to reach your next milestone. Click here to sign up for a pitch

Is there membership fees?

No, there is no membership fee as of now. All our events are free to attend. Even pitching at our monthly pitch night is free.

How to be part of the community?

Silicon Beach is from people for people. Our community would be nothing without the contribution of our awesome founders, entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts. There are many ways to support the community: Starting from becoming n active part of our discussions on social media, spreading the word of what we are doing with your friends, running an educational event yourself, volunteering with us, or by becoming a valued community sponsor. Contact us to become a volunteer.

Is Silicon Beach just for tech startups?

No, Silicon Beach is for everyone interested in starting their own business or startup, working in or with one, investing in startups or providing services for startups and small businesses. Even though the original idea of Silicon Beach communities was to bring the tech innovation spirit from the Silicon Valley to the shores of Australia, today, we have evolved into a community that is 100% industry and technology agnostic.

What support do you provide to startups?

Starting with a new business is an exciting time. But it can also be challenging to get the word out and make the world aware of what significant problem you are solving. We are assisting our startups, founders and entrepreneurs in becoming recognised and being found. Found not just by potential launch customers and investors but also by their future co-founders, employees, collaborators, mentors and startup coaches and accelerators.

What if I do not have a validated idea yet?

You are most welcome to join Silicon Beach even if you do not have a startup or even a good startup idea yet. At Silicon Beach, we share the love equally between our advanced scaleups that have already raised funding and the large number of our members that are just at the very early beginning of their journey. We genuinely believe that being part of and networking with a diverse tribe like the Silicon Beach community is the best way to find inspiration for your very own startup idea.


Grab your chance to pitch your ideas during our virtual pitch night. You have 90 seconds to make the most out of your pitch so let your creative juices flow. This does not require DECKS or SLIDES as we just want to hear YOU and your ideas. We cannot wait to hear what you have to share…so what are you waiting for?

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