‘BehindThe Scenes’ Series: Women of Silicon Beach with Karen Finch

Published on
December 6, 2022
Olga Bubnova
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Karen Finch is the CEO and Founder of Legally Yours, Australia’s leading legal marketplace that connects individuals and SMEs with fixed-fee lawyers across Australia.


What does your company do?

LegallyYours is a dual-sided online legal technology platform. On one side, we have our Legally Yours marketplace, where we match clients to fixed-fee lawyers across all areas of law (both business and personal) Australia-wide, all with the guarantee of no ‘bill shock’.


The other side of our platform is our online member portal, called the LY Hub. This is a members-only, secure and private online platform that enables legal professionals, and the businesses that support them, to connect, learn, share news, recruit, and access support services to help build, grow and scale successful law practices. 


What is your role at Silicon Beach?

I have been the MC of Silicon Beach’s Virtual Pitch Nights since July 2020.  I also regularly host free legal information sessions with the Silicon Beach community on a wide variety of legal topics–from how to set up your start-up, to the essential legal documents every start-up needs, and how to secure funding and take your start-up global.


What do you like the most about the start-up ecosystem?

I love the energy and excitement that comes with being part of the start-up ecosystem. It is a privilege to be able to support and empower start-up founders at the beginning of their start-up journey and be able to watch them build, grow, scale and achieve success!


How does your business help Silicon Beach?

LegallyYours hosts free legal information sessions and legal masterclasses for the Silicon Beach community.  These sessions are specifically designed by our lawyer members for start-up founders, and are jam-packed full of valuable and vital legal information that every start-up founder needs to know when starting a business.


Why is diversity important for a start-up community?

Havingfounders from diverse backgrounds is vital to the success of any start-up community.  Having diverse perspectives enables everyone in the start-up community to have the opportunity to learn and think differently, and it ultimately enables the entire community to thrive.


Why should founders join Silicon Beach?

SiliconBeach provides a platform where founders can connect, be supported, and access a wide range of services that can help them build, grow and scale their start-ups. Everyone at Silicon Beach is so supportive and generous with their time, and ultimately wants to help founders succeed. In my opinion, every founder should be part of this incredible community!

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