‘BehindThe Scenes’ Series: Women of Silicon Beach with Olga Bubnova

Published on
December 11, 2022
Olga Bubnova
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Olga Bubnova is the Founder and CEO of B.gain, a brand management and marketing agency that is focused on brand and marketing strategies, communication plans and engagement programs for the ICT industry.


What does your company do?

B.gain helps tech businesses (both web2 & web3) create and convey meaningful messages for their customers, partners and stakeholders. At B.gain, we create brands from scratch, do re-branding, and develop marketing and content strategies, communication plans, engagement programs and campaigns.



What is your role at Silicon Beach?

I have been helping the Silicon Beach team with their marketing activities, creating content for their newsletters, LinkedIn page and community events.


A really important part of my role is understanding what our members want to see in our content, and how we can improve our message to build a bigger and stronger community.


Recently, I have also started emceeing Silicon Beach’s Virtual Pitch Nights along with another emcee, Karen Finch.


What do you like the most about the start-up ecosystem?

I love the entrepreneurial spirit that permeates every aspect of this ecosystem. I like seeing people with critical thinking, and how quickly they can redesign their products and turn their business model upside down. I think it makes the ecosystem dynamic and fast-paced.


I like helping start-up founders understand more about the marketing side of business processes and see their growth.


How does your business help Silicon Beach?

Quite often, I see that start-up founders don't believe in the concept of networking and struggle with their marketing and communication processes. My company, B.gain, helps tech businesses and start-ups with brand management and brand awareness, and teaches them how to communicate with their audiences and improve their online presence.


Why is diversity important for a start-up community?

The start-up community should be diversified and globally accessible from the very beginning. Each of us brings different backgrounds, cultures and values, talents and hidden gems to the table, hence it gives us different views. Having a variety of participants provides valuable practical benefits and keeps the community alive longer.


Why should founders join Silicon Beach?

If you are a start-up founder, SiliconBeach is a place where you can find amazing resources and support. When you need help from someone who knows how things really work, then Silicon Beach is here to assist. Becoming part of a start-up community like Silicon Beach is one of the smartest things founders can do for themselves.

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