Got an idea? Here's how to pitch with confidence

Published on
December 6, 2022
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Silicon Beach's Pitch Night event is one of our most raved events.  It allows anyone to share their marvellous ideas in front of a friendly panel. We are always thrilled with the numerous talented individuals who take part in our Pitch Nights. It takes courage and enthusiasm to pitch your ideas to a large group of people. It's perfectly normal to feel nervous, and that shows that you care about executing your idea well. Here are tips for you to pitch better and blow your audience away:

Tip 1: Practice makes perfect

You need to know your idea, product or service at the back of your hand. It needs to come naturally for you to talk about it as though you're conversing with a friend. Take some time every day to practice your pitch and think about how you can enhance your speech. By the time the day to pitch arrives, you're going to be a pro at it.

Tip 2: Body Language is Key

As important as it is to deliver a good pitch, your body language is essential to communicate the idea effectively. It not only helps you to calm down but also to pace yourself as you talk to the audience. For instance, using your hands as a guide while you talk keeps you in momentum and avoids other nervous habits you might have. Many of us tend to either fidget or play with our hair when we are nervous. This might be distracting to those who are watching you present your pitch. Use a mirror to aid you to improve your control over the actions you do while talking.

Tip 3: Confidence is the secret recipe

Fear is all in your mind. Remind yourself about your purpose with the pitch you have prepared. Your journey, effort, and spirit need to translate over to the audience. Prepare your pitch well, maintain eye contact with your audience, and take a deep breath before you start. Don't worry, our friendly judges and peers don't bite!

Ultimately, public speaking is a valuable skill to have. It could come naturally to some, and others train to be better. Our community ensures that all pitchers have an equal opportunity to shine during the event. Experiences like these nurture your growth as an entrepreneur. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for our Pitch Night today!

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