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Silicon Beach is different, and here's why

Published on
October 21, 2022
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Silicon Beach is not just another startup community but a platform for the people by the people. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic setbacks, Silicon Beach continues its journey to continue fostering a strong community. It is determined to help founders, entrepreneurs, and interested individuals in their journey to achieve their startup dreams. Opportunities with Silicon Beach range from a multitude of opportunities like providing an educational platform to share valuable insights and networking with like-minded individuals.

Our Director and CEO David Hauser, shares that Silicon Beach is all about helping people find their purpose and fulfilment. The community takes a human-centred approach to help enthusiastic individuals to start their legacy. In the long term, there are hopes to integrate a lot of educational information into the community. Silicon Beach hopes to provide personal and leadership development to anyone and everyone.

Silicon Beach events are nothing like you have seen before. Some of our highlights include:

Virtual Pitch Night:

An opportunity for anyone to share their brilliant ideas with a bunch of non-judgemental and friendly peers. You have 90 seconds to make magic with your ideas. A great event to grow your confidence and public speaking skills.

Let's Help Startups Series - Kick-start your Innovation with Design Thinking:

A series of webinars hosted by experts who share guides, tips, and ideas to establish your startups successfully in today’s world. Some essential topics that are discussed are:

​​How to get started with your startup?

• Does your idea have a market?

• How to define your milestones forward?

• Tips to communicate your value proposition.

Getting a job in Emerging Tech:

A webinar by some of Australia’s top experts who are excelling in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Development, Blockchain, and Cybersecurity. The event hopes to provide you with useful tips if you are looking to find a job in the technology sector.

Apart from these great events, Silicon Beach is ultimately a community for you to grow with other wonderful people. We take pride in nurturing and providing a safe space for our members. Remember, we are not just another startup community!

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