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Why is exceptional customer service needed?

Published on
December 6, 2022
Akila Raja
I am a creatively driven storyteller and a social media enthusiast. Experienced in a variety of writing styles like social media copywriting, feature-writing and different industries. During my free time, I enjoy travelling to seek insightful stories about people and their cultures. I am looking to hone my skills in the media and communications sector.
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Customer service is one of the most important parts of a business. Almost 80% of customers give feedback that they would prefer brands to show that they value them before making a purchase. You want to make sure you continue acquiring customers and retain customer loyalty. This helps to boost your brand image and makes your business profitable in the long run.

How to keep your customers happy and satisfied?

1. Communication style

The way you greet and acknowledge your customers goes a long way. You want to make them feel welcomed and like they are part of the brand family. Essential phrases like these work well:

  • Thank you
  • Hope to see you again
  • We have special offers just for you!

A simple gesture affirms your customers that they are not just purchasing from you. Take the initiative to create a long-lasting bond with your customers.

2. Using marketing tools to keep customers interested

Using Omni channels to connect with your customers helps to increase user experience for them. This approach is by integrating the shopping methods online, physical, and via phone for ease of shopping. Consumers can now use any of your channels to make transactions efficiently.

Email marketing is a powerful tool to be connected with your customers. Almost 75% of carts are abandoned without checking out according to famous entrepreneur Neil Patel. Therefore to successfully make the sales conversion, you need to stay in touch and remind your customers to make the purchase.

3. Reward your customers

Customer loyalty increases the lifetime value of revenue that they can bring you. Appreciating them with rewards helps to stimulate increased purchases and retain their loyalty.These rewards can be in terms of discounts, loyalty programmes, and special offers. If you are a service-based firm, offering premium services and early access to your programmes can be a great incentive as well.

Customers are the foundation of your business growth. Good customer service lets your customers share their positive experiences with their family and friends. Word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful ways to increase the reputation of your brand. Start driving your efforts towards building relationships with your current and future customers.

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